Top Tips to break in your new shoes

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Follow our top tips to break in new shoes and make sure your feet stay comfortable all day long. Its my daughter’s wedding in a few weeks and I have tested out these tips and they do work. I did look funny though when trying out number 4!

New shoes can seem comfortable when you try them on, but then cripple your feet on their first long outing. You definitely don’t want that to happen on your Wedding Day. Follow these few simple tips to break your shoes in and be comfortable all day long.

1.Try wearing your new shoes for ten minutes a day for the first few days, gradually building up the time you wear them. Take them to work and pop them on when you are at your desk!

2. Do your housework or a task while wearing them as it will give them a better, more realistic workout than just walking up and down the lounge.

3. Practice going up and down stairs, as this gives you confidence navigating any steps you may encounter on the day and bends the shoes, making them softer and more flexible.

4. Another great way to break in new shoes, especially if they are a little tight, you could wear them with a thick pair of socks, while breaking them in! It won’t make you feel very glamorous  but will stretch them enough. Just remember to leave the socks behind on your special day!

5. Lightly dust your feet with a little talc, to reduce friction. This really helps them feel comfy and smelling sweet!

6. Consider using one of the special comfort gel pads that you can insert in the shoes. These are available online or good shoe stores.

7. Change in to flats for the evening reception. Check out the really pretty range of hand painted satin flats that we do. We can even paint you a pair  to co-ordinate with your heels so you feel special long in to the night! Click here to check them out!

Happy Feet

Anna x


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