Self Care Tips for Brides

If your wedding planning keeping you up at night and making you feel stressed out at times you may want to up your self care.

Planning a wedding is hard work and it is something that you have to do on top of all your other jobs and responsibilities. That is quite a lot, so it is understandable that at times you feel all consumed by it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Developing a self care habit will go a long way toward reducing overwhelm and getting things back in balance again. After all planning for one of the happiest days of your life should be fun, right?

self care for brides My own self care journey began about 12 years ago. I was so busy trying to be everything for everyone else that I had no time for me. My grown up daughter had been injured in a car accident and needed a lot of support, my teenage son was sitting A Levels, our two young foster children were displaying very challenging behaviours and my husband was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. There was so much going on around me, that I felt a lot of my time was spent “fire fighting” and just dealing with whatever event or crisis was immediately in front of me. My emotions were all over the place and I ended up worn out and depressed. Fast forward to the present and although I have had some pretty major challenges recently, I have been in a good place while riding out the storms by taking good care of myself.

I want to share with you some of the self care techniques I took, which really helped me when I had a lot to handle and wanted to be able to stay happy, balanced and coping with everything.

The main self care change I made was to make time for myself. By this I mean taking some time each day, (yes, each day!), to do something I enjoyed. It is important to give yourself time to really focus on yourself. This is not selfish or self indulgent. It is necessary and a loving thing to do for yourself. You would most likely give up an hour to spend with a friend in need, so why not extend that courtesy to yourself?

I thought about the things that made me happy and I realised that being outside and connecting to nature was important to me. But the truth was, I very rarely made time to do that and certainly not in any purposeful way. It was something that I knew I could change and make part of my day. 

When I look at my life now, it is full of the things I love. And not just as a one off, but integrated into my everyday life. I take time most days to wander around the garden and enjoy nature. I take my morning coffee outside when I can, listening to bird song and I walk in the countryside at least two or three times every week.

The secret is to first identify the things that make your heart sing and then actively make them part of your life. I don’t mean if you have time, I mean make time! Make them a priority even if it means saying no to requests from others. 

Remember when you say yes to someone else, you are saying no to yourself.

It is time to make your needs a priority. You may be surprised that when you value doing the things you love, others will see how important they are to you and value that.

self care for bridesTry to give yourself some breaks from wedding planning and use this time to replenish your batteries. If you don’t you will most likely find that life will do its best to slow you down by giving you a nasty virus or something! 

Also don’t forget to delegate! In fact delegate, delegate and delegate where ever you can – even if you are a control freak! Sharing the load and having a break from wedding planning will leave you feeling refreshed and you will achieve much more when you come back to it. 



Here are a few things that you might like to try:

A wedding free weekend – no talking about it, doing anything and that even means no Pinterest or social media groups!

A walk in the countryside.

Breakfast in bed.

A luxurious bath with wine and candles – partner optional!

A new book – think sofa and blanket.

Date night with your partner.

Get some Girl Time in and just chill and laugh with your friends.

Take time to reflect on all you have achieved and be kind to yourself.

Anna x

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